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I never know what to write to describe myself....But I'm sure my posts say all that needs to be said about me. Only, in a much more eloquent way

Permalink Mad Decent Block Party Detroit pre- and post-rain selfies #mdbp2014 @burohdee @keysnkrates
Permalink When it gets hot in the shop, just batt you eyelashes until fans start appearing #itshotasfuck #shoplife
Permalink Toronto and back in a day. Not bad #roadtrip
Permalink Grandfather Pride, sitting above the parade, keeping an eye on his people #torontopride #toronto2014 #pride #grandfatherpride
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15 DIY Projects for Cat Lovers // Dream a Little Bigger
Meow meow meow meow. Meow meow! Meow meow meow.


How to build tiny world terrariums http://bit.ly/JDFsWt

Permalink That moment when you’re on campus, and all of a sudden there are bagpipes playing and people parading with flags and a Chinese dragon #wtf
Permalink Team Canada mani, round 2